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Planning is the key to a happy, chaos-free wedding ceremony. It starts as soon as you decide to get married. Because it's the most special day of your life, you simply can't afford for things to go wrong, so hiring the right person becomes extremely important.

With our lives becoming more and more hectic as time goes by, investing time in wedding planning becomes a bit difficult. Therefore, most people these days choose to seek professional help from wedding planners.

Depending on the type of wedding you want and your budget, these wedding planners will create the best wedding for you. You can opt for full wedding planning, partial wedding planning or consultants depending on your needs.

types of wedding planning

People's different needs for wedding preparations have given rise to different types of wedding planning. The types are listed below, choose the one that suits you.

  • Complete wedding planning:When you hire a wedding planner for a complete wedding plan, they start working on the wedding from scratch and work their way through to completion. They help you decide on the budget, select the location and vendors at the early planning stage, and execute all these plans yourself. You don't have to worry about anything.
  • Partial wedding planning:When people don't need assistance for the entire wedding, but for parts of it, they opt for partial wedding planning. In this type of wedding organization, the organizer is asked for certain types of help, such as food arrangements or decorations, he will organize the service that has been requested and charge for it. He/she would not interfere with any other marriage arrangements.
  • Consultants:People can seek professional help when planning a wedding, this professional help comes from wedding consultants. The services of these wedding consultants include discussions about budgets, preferences and requirements to meet people's expectations.

How to hire the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR?

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

A few points should always be kept in mind when hiring a wedding planner. Remember them, always.

  • Know your needs well. Decide what your wedding should look like well in advance and do your research accordingly.
  • Learn about the different types of wedding planning available in India and opt for the best one as per your needs.
  • There is a wide range of prices available when it comes to wedding planning, decide on a budget in advance and look for the best wedding planner in Delhi NCR to suit your budget.
  • Avoid delaying things. Book services at least 3-4 months before the wedding date
  • You can consult a wedding consultant to get a clear idea of ​​the budget and other pre-wedding arrangements.
  • Check the planner's background and experience before hiring.
  • Try to choose those who have experience organizing a wedding in the same location or in a location close to yours.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.

What to discuss with your Delhi NCR wedding planner?

Once you've decided which wedding planner to hire, the next step is to discuss everything with the planner.

To ensure that there is no confusion in creating your dream wedding, you should discuss the following with your planner.

  • Let them know all your preferences and requirements and describe the exact wedding you want.
  • Give them an idea of ​​the functions/events you plan to have at your wedding.
  • Tell them your exact budget so it's easy for them to organize everything for you how you want it.
  • Let them know the number of guests who will be attending the wedding
  • Tell them your wedding dates and other functions.
  • They must know the traditions you follow so that the wedding is right for you.
  • Always ask for references to be sure of what your work will look like.
  • Ask them what services they will provide as part of the package.
  • In case of confusion, contact them.

Why book the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR through WeddingBazaar?

WeddingBazaar has been in the wedding domain for years and has helped plan a number of successful weddings. With years of experience and a dedicated research team, we have prepared a list of Delhi NCR wedding planners on our page to meet our clients' expectations.

We tell you in detail about the services of the wedding planner, previous professional experience and photos of the event. Our experts use the best wedding ideas to make your wedding memorable.

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We offer you to choose your preferred wedding planning service from full wedding planning, partial wedding planning, coordination and consulting.

At WeddingBazaar, we have assigned a special wedding manager to help you find the perfect wedding planner and ensure your wedding is the moment of a lifetime. WeddingBazaar, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, offers the best prices on these wedding planners.

How does WeddingBazaar help with recruitment?

A team at WeddingBazaar is on a constant quest to find the most amazing wedding planners from Delhi NCR. After carefully learning the services that wedding planners should provide and reviewing reviews from real people, we've listed the best ones on our website.

WeddingBazaar takes interest and invests time in your wedding by assigning a wedding manager to choose the best wedding planner from the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR. You can count on WeddingBazaar's full wedding service, partial wedding service, coordination and consulting.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Wedding Planners in Delhi NCR

Hiring the wrong wedding planner results in spoiling the most important event of your life. Most of the time, people end up making these mistakes when hiring a wedding planner.

Go through them and make sure you don't commit one.

  • Avoid asking family and friends to plan your wedding, not only do they lack professional knowledge but they could also miss out on the fun they were supposed to have at your wedding.
  • Avoid hiring a planner without a careful review of their experience.
  • Don't hire a wedding planner who hasn't worked or doesn't know enough about the wedding venue.
  • Do not avoid personal meetings. By meeting the planner in person, you can explain exactly what you're looking for and what you might not be able to do over phone calls and text messages.
  • Book the wedding planner in advance. Wedding planners are busy all year round, delaying hiring a wedding planner reduces the number of options you have.
  • Don't be casual about signing the contract. Sometimes people don't read the contract carefully before signing and end up not getting everything they wanted or even not paying.

How does this work?

WeddingBazaar acts as a catalyst between NCRbest Delhi wedding planners and their potential clients. Wedding planners in Delhi NCR register with WeddingBazaar.

After careful review, we approve the best ones for you and list them on our website with all the details including past jobs, event photos, food, entertainment quotient, etc.

Customers can review the listing and request their quotes and hire wedding planner through us to make the most exciting event of their lives even more exciting.

Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR Prices

Wedding planning is a broad industry and there is no set price for a service. A pioneer in the industry can cost a lot, a beginner wedding planner will provide the same service for less money. However, hiring a novice wedding planner has its downsides, such as less experience.

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WeddingBazaar provides a list of wedding planners in Delhi NCR for budget and luxury weddings and also helps in negotiating the prices. The cost you have to pay also depends on your needs.

Full wedding planners charge more than partial wedding planners, who only charge for the service they provide.

Though you must pay fees to consultants for their assistance like quotes and more. Hire wedding planners through us to get special discounts on their services.

What other wedding services does WeddingBazaar offer in Delhi NCR?

  • Wedding venues in Delhi:The nation's metropolitan capital is teeming with wedding venues, but choosing the right one is still a daunting task. WeddingBazaar experts help you find the best in your budget
  • Delhi wedding decorators:While some couples choose to embrace the latest wedding decor trends, others prefer to stick with the traditional. We help you choose what you want. WeddingBazaar does not compromise on quality
  • Delhi wedding invitation:Make your guests exclaim "WOW!" when they receive your wedding invitation. Get supreme quality Delhi wedding invitations
  • Delhi wedding videography:Make a film of your wedding ceremony and keep it forever. Hire the biggest names in the videography industry through us.
  • Photographers in Delhi:Memories are best preserved as images. A photo shoot for the most special day of your life is on most people's wish list. Hire the best photographers in town through WeddingBazaar at the best prices.
  • Choreographers in Delhi:What Delhi NCR wedding is complete without some amazing dance performances? Hire the best Delhi NCR choreographer through WeddingBazaar and get ready to enjoy your wedding.
  • Mehndi Artists in Delhi:Was there a bride who didn't want to put on a beautiful Mehendi? Hire the most sought after Mehendi artists in Delhi NCR and look your best on your wedding day!

NCR Delhi Wedding Planner FAQ

Q - Are the wedding planners mentioned in the list of Delhi NCR wedding planners in WeddingBazaar professional?

Absolutely! All wedding planners listed on WeddingBazaar are not only professional but handpicked by our experts. They are the best in the industry.

Q - What is the cost of hiring a wedding planner in Delhi NCR?

There is no fixed price. Pioneers charge you more than newcomers. The cost also depends on your requirement. Wedding planners will charge you more for the entire wedding planning whereas for a partial wedding they will only charge you for the service you hired them for. Partial wedding planners do not interfere with any arrangements other than what they are paid for.

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Q - Can I book other wedding services in Delhi NCR through WeddingBazaar?

WeddingBazaar assists you in wedding planning from scratch to completion. A wide range of service providers such as photographers, videographers, decorators, wedding venue suppliers, invitation card designers, choreographers and Mehendi artists are available for hire on our website. You can trust WeddingBazaar with a second thought when it comes to wedding planning.

Q - What should I discuss with my wedding planner before hiring?

There are several things you should discuss with your wedding planner before hiring them. Be very clear about your preferences and expectations, and set your budget firmly. You should always look to your previous work experience to be sure of your job. You should also tell them your wedding date and functions so they can be fully available to you on those dates. There are a few other things you should get in touch with your wedding planner about listed above.

Q - Can I get discounts or deals if I book my wedding planner through WeddingBazaar?

WeddingBazaar believes in total customer satisfaction. He not only provides the best services but also ensures that they are available at the best possible price. In addition, we also help you negotiate with wedding planners. We have packages for all budgets on our website.

Q - What types of services are included in Delhi NCR wedding planning packages?

There are different types of wedding planning services available for you on WeddingBazaar i.e. full wedding planning, partial wedding planning and consultants. All-in-one wedding planners take care of all your wedding needs from the planning stage to the execution. Partial wedding planners provide the service you hired them for without interfering with other arrangements. Consultants help you plan your budget, location, etc.

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Q - What is the best wedding planner in Delhi NCR?

WeddingBazaar almost did it for you. We have listed the best Delhi NCR wedding planners on our website, chosen after careful study by our experts. The services offered by each of these wedding planners have also been listed. What is left for you is to choose the one according to your need? Don't forget to check the available reviews on our website before selecting one.

Q - When is the right time to hire a Wedding Planner?

The weddings that take place throughout the year in India keep wedding planners busy. It is advisable to hire a wedding planner at least 4 to 5 months before your wedding day so that you run out of options when hiring wedding planners.

Q - How much experience should your Wedding Planner have?

Practice is the key to perfection. The more experienced the wedding planner is, the more likely you are to have a hassle-free wedding. New wedding planners, however, are more budget-friendly and can be full of new and creative ideas.

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