13 Examples of Successful Ecommerce Businesses You Can Learn From (B2C and B2B Included) (2023)

13 Examples of Successful Ecommerce Businesses You Can Learn From (B2C and B2B Included) (1)

B2C eCommerce is a multi-million (even billion) dollar business model. According to Statista, this type of digital commerce represented about $2.3 billion in global sales in 2018. It's a colossal figure that shows the magnitude of this online channel.

Because of this, hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world want to benefit from itbusiness opportunityeLaunch a B2C eCommerce website. Let me show you some of the strongest examples of B2C e-commerce in the United States.


Understanding the audio consumption habits of its users around the world has been key to its success. This music streaming service was founded in Sweden.

Thanks to the large amount of data and information about the listening habits of its users, Spotify has a great advantage when it comes to customizing the content it offers. It's great to see how Spotify can recommend playlists, artists, albums, etc.

To pursue its marketing, Spotify goes even further. Leverage your reach with things like email automation, segmentation, relevant content, and very compelling calls to action. In addition, it is capable of creating personalized playlists even without an internet connection. It also has multiple subscription plans that are hard to resist.

Undoubtedly, Spotify is a global example of how to properly handle its users' data. Even as of April 2019, the company reached 100 million subscribers worldwide (double Apple Music's number), according to The Verge.


Perhaps Lay's chips have a texture that's quite traditional for this type of product compared to other crunchy snacks today. However, there is no doubt that Lay's knows very well how to maintain interest in its brand and intelligently renew its image.

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As? The brand sets up an annual digital competition in which their consumers choose the new flavor (among three options) that will become a permanent product of Lay's potatoes. The campaign is called "Make me an aroma".

The three flavors are sold throughout the year in several country-limited outlets. Best of all, the brand sees a significant increase in the consumption of its products in this annual competition. This is because people react psychologically to “scarcity” and like to feel that their choices can make a difference.

Lay's generous space for innovation continuously arouses interest and retains customers. This is how Lay's plays the marketing game.


It's no secret that every kid loves Oreo cookies. But why does the same thing happen to teenagers and adults? That's because Oreo cookies are traditional. They have retained their flavor over time. So why sacrifice what works?

Oreo also launched the #PlayWithOreo Twitter campaign with one goal: to awaken the soul of the "inner child" we all have within us.

Through interactive, simple and visually pragmatic campaigns, the online campaign was implemented in 40 countries and 14 languages ​​and generated a 12% growth in the global consumption of cookies and a 2% growth rate for the category. In addition, Oreo saw an increase of more than three times the total number of followers on Twitter.

Oreo diversifies appeal, refines brand messaging, and attracts new audiences without losing loyal ones. They make the classic tradition of eating Oreo with a glass of everlasting milk.

#4my supermarket

This British online supermarket lets you buy groceries from six different supermarkets. You can even make combined purchases, find the best price for that product in each supermarket, give preference to a specific product with the same price, all from the same supermarket.

It has an accurate price counter and a near-perfect system to make the purchase you want.

You can sort the product by price, quality, brands you want and the supermarket chain that carries it. Users can also group products by recipes or by their accounts' usual consumption. Their mobile app is available for Apple users and I assume it will be available for Android as well.

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Tesco is one of the supermarkets selling the most technology and innovation in its store. The world's fourth-largest retail company has been striving for years to make shopping easier for customers and save costs at the same time.

Here you can expect a shopping experience with augmented reality, big data, mobile shopping and the use of the buyer's cell phone to scan the purchased products. That's because Tesco Cheshunt's employers continue to test innovation in certain pilot stores. Once tested, they take them to other stores. By the way, if you like augmented reality, then you may be interested in various applications on this topic andAir application costs

His goal is to transform Tesco into a multi-channel player that is vital to the distribution of the future. They started their own technology companies. In addition to internal suppliers, they develop their own products for the market. For example, they released a tablet for which they show us how to shop in their stores. The company's new mobile and tablet apps will also significantly simplify the shopping experience.

B2B eCommerce is also a multi-billion dollar opportunity. According to data collected by Shopify, this business model represented around $7.7 billion worldwide in 2017. A phenomenal number that proves the profitability of this business model.

Not only that, the industry has spawned an entire hospitality industryB2B Ecommerce Development- Offer services to help users build their B2B business online.

B2B marketing is about building a brand image and fostering personal connections. Although it is a consolidation process, when it works, it is easier to establish a presence in the market than to limit B2C actions aimed at the end customer.

That is, being respected or considered an expert in the field makes it easier to sell without having to make a lot of effort.

With that in mind, we want to share B2B ecommerce examples so you can understand how they can be successful.

#1Ford Motor Co.

Parts.ford.com is the official eCommerce for Ford Motor. It is a well-known American automobile manufacturer. They don't sell cars directly through the website. However, they sell parts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles through their website.

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What is your site selling?

  • batteries for cars.
  • Filter
  • Plug
  • windshield washer system
  • brakes
  • ignitions
  • Lubricants (and other chemicals)
  • etc.

Site visitors can search vehicle parts sections by using the license plate number, car model, or part identifier they are looking for. Other features of the site include a search catalog by brand and product, offers, video chat, tutorials, profiling and personalization, etc.

When entering, the buyer can identify themselves as responsible for a workshop, state fleet, dealership, commercial fleet, etc. The site's shopping cart allows you to save an order, share it with an expert and a group of recommended parts, depending on the car model or the needs expressed by the buyer.

To protect its brand, Ford has a second website called FordBrandProtection. It is dedicated solely to the smuggling of its products. It's a content protection effort tied to your online sales strategy.

#2Apple Inc. (é B2B und B2C)

The Apple company, which is known for dominating the consumer smartphone market, also has something to say in the B2B e-commerce market. In the B2B eCommerce 300: 2017 Edition list, Apple is one of the few companies to share huge profits in the B2C and B2BeCommerce models.

Apple's key is to make its efforts versatile. They make their technology available to end users and in large numbers to companies and retailers around the world. According to Gartner, a research firm specializing in information and technology, Apple is among the top 25 companies in the supply chain.

They sold over $10 billion in 2016 with their B2B e-commerce efforts. Services offered by their platform include enterprise mobile apps, mobile website optimized for B2B businesses, live chat and product customization tools.

#3ExxonMobil Corp.

13 Examples of Successful Ecommerce Businesses You Can Learn From (B2C and B2B Included) (2)

One hundred and twenty-five years of fuel sales experience has given Exxon Mobil a significant advantage in opening up new B2B sales channels, including e-commerce. The company comes out on top in the Investor Relations survey. Demonstrates a thoughtful exploration of your digital channel.

Exxon is a founding member of the OFS portal. Industrial energy e-commerce and e-procurement are developing standards for electronic catalog formats and business rules that enable fuel companies to conduct standardized e-commerce transactions between individual companies, networks and industry exchanges.

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from Exxonunique ecommerce ideasare based on an alliance with Hybris, with the aim of possibly building a global e-commerce network. Some features of the Exxon website are:

  • Automated customer-approved workflow.
  • Automatic reorders
  • Price discount for quantities.
  • Live-Chat

#4frames and more

The company is a kitesurf and paddleboard wholesaler. The company's online shop shows how important design is. The design of your online store looks very attractive, bold and modern.

Sometimes website users also visit your online store for information. Therefore, your online shop must combine an attractive layout and a simple design. However, it must contain detailed information about the product. This action will further improve the positive user experience.

#5Edicom Group

Edicom Group is a B2B data management and e-invoicing software company looking to expand its presence in international markets. To increase sales in new markets, Edicom needed to drive traffic to its website. The company increased traffic to its website by 30,000 visits in just nine months by creating a training blog for technicians and managers.

Although blogging is associated with B2C communication, a blog can also achieve great results in B2B marketing. It has been proven that B2B companies that have a topical section on their website not only increase their visits by 55%, but also generate 126% more leads.

#6 American Express

At one point, this company launched a platform focused on advising SMEs and an internal network for users with small businesses to seek advice. The increase in visits served to consolidate business in this niche market.


The Swedish car giant ran an advertising campaign for its truck range, aimed at companies and freelancers. They launched a series of audiovisual content featuring the image of Jean-Claude Van Damme and generated an impact of more than 100 million future purchase intent views from almost 50% of truck drivers.

#8 Pablo's Wineries and Vineyards

You don't have to be a big company to use B2B services. This company's wine system and marketing channel made a breakthrough in the North American markets thanks to the use of Internet platforms such as Global Wine Spirits.

final thoughts

In the B2B business model, the effort required to complete new projects is much greater. Because the market share is significantly smaller than in B2C, where sales are aimed at the end customer.

Öwebsite developmentFor business services, for example, it has become necessary to expand business areas and strengthen B2B trade relationships.

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On the other hand, the complementarity between B2B and B2C indicates that both lines of business are allied. That is, the same company or business can perform actions of both types in parallel or sequentially.


What are examples of B2B and B2C? ›

B2B ecommerce utilises online platforms to sell products or services to other businesses. B2C ecommerce targets personal consumers. A company that sells office furniture, software, or paper to other businesses would be an example of a B2B company. B2B ecommerce tends to be more complex than B2C ecommerce.

What are examples for B2C e-commerce? ›

Examples include subscription-based entertainment service sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, or sites that offer articles and stories, like Medium.

What is an example of B2B ecommerce business? ›

Manufacturing materials, clothing, car parts and semiconductors are B2B examples. These materials are a part of the transactions between two businesses.

What is the 10 example of ecommerce? ›

Top Examples of Ecommerce. There are some pretty major examples of ecommerce businesses that have made it big, including Amazon, FlipKart, eBay, and Myntra.

What is Amazon B2B or B2C? ›

Amazon Business (B2B) is a marketplace to serve the needs of Business Customers. For sellers, Amazon Business provides one of India's largest opportunities to reach businesses across the country.

Is Starbucks a B2B or B2C? ›

Starbucks is a retail company that sells specialty hot beverages, cold drinks, and food to its consumers. This is an example of a B2C company that relies on its consumers to make a profit.


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